Login Widget With Shortcode WPML Usage Doc

Login Widget With Shortcode is a simple login form in the widget. This will allow users to login to the site from frontend. In this tutorial, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to use it in conjunction with WPML for multilingual sites.

What you will need

1. Login Widget With Shortcode plugin (version 5.5.7 or above)
2. A recent version of WPML (version 3.6.2 or above), including the String Translation and Translation Management add-on plugins

Essential resources

WPML’s Getting Started Guide helps you in setting up WPML in a few minutes. You will want to refer later to some of its subtopics, such as String Translation. We recommend that you keep this guide open while following this tutorial.

Translate Plugin Texts

WPML lets you easily translate your Widgets via the String Translation screen. This requires that the WPML String Translation module is installed. The module is available in the Multilingual CMS version

WP Booking

This is a schedule booking plugin. Use this plugin as a complete booking solution for your site. Create Locations, Add Schedules to the locations, Let customers book for schedules. Manage bookings from admin panel.

  1. Add Locations
  2. Create multiple schedules per locations.
  3. List locations in frontend using shortcodes.
  4. Let users register for schedule using booking calendar.
  5. Admin get notified by email when user register for a schedule.
  6. Users also get an email when the register for a schedule.
  7. View/ Manage booking log in admin panel.

Click here to Download and more details.

WP Easy Poll PRO

This is a WordPress Polling/ Voting plugin for users. Create unlimited Polls from admin panel. Unlimited Answers can be added per poll. Polls can be displayed in the site as Widgets or by Shortcodes. Users can create Polls in the site but admin has to approve and display it.

Shortcodes And Widgets

Use this [easypoll id=”Poll ID”] shortcode in your page to display the poll. Here “id” is the Poll’s unique ID that you can get from the polls list page in admin panel. Logged in users as well as visitors of the site can submit a vote.

Use this [easypolladd title=”Create New Poll”] shortcode in your page to display create new Poll form. Logged in users can create a poll. Polls created by users will not be displayed in the site untill Admin manually display the poll from admin panel.( “title” is optional ).

Use this [easypolllist title=”My Polls”] shortcode in your page to display the list of all polls created by the logged in user. Users can also update the poll data from this page.( “title” is optional ).

Click here for details

WP Support (PRO)

This plugin will integrate Support Ticket functionality for users of your site. In addition to the free version this PRO version has additional features. i) Multiple file Attachments. ii) Select which file types can be uploaded. iii) One new user Role Agent will be created. Administrator can assign this Role (Agent) to users. Agents can reply to the tickets on behalf of administrator from admin panel.


Shortcodes And Widgets

Use this [ticket title=”Support Tickets”] shortcode in your page to display the list of support tickets submitted by a registered user. Logged in users will be able view tickets submitted by them and add reply to the tickets.( “title” is optional ).

Use this [create_support title=”Create Ticket”] shortcode in your page to display support ticket form ( “title” is optional ).

Use this [ticket_list_all title=”Support Tickets”] shortcode in your page to display the list of all support tickets submitted by users. This will allow visitors of the site to view tickets and replies. ( “title” is optional ).

Use Support Ticket List Widget to list recent/ specific tickets in the widget area. This will allow other users of the site to view specific (The tickets that you choose to be displayed in the widget) tickets with replies but only the Author of the ticket can Add/ Submit a reply.

Use Create Support Ticket Widget to display new support ticket form in the widget area of your site.

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WP Register Profile PRO

This is a user Registration plugin, it can be used with either Widget or Shortcodes. just install the plugin and add the register widget in the sidebar. The form is responsive and mobile friendly. Shortcode lists are provided below for ease of use.

With Shortcode Support

1. Registration, use this [rp_register_widget] shortcode to display registration form in post or page.

Example: [rp_register_widget title=”User Registration”]

2. User Data, use This [rp_user_data field=”first_name” user_id=”2″] shortcode to retrieve user data. user_id can be blank. if blank then the data is retrieve from currently loged in user. Or else you can use this function in your template file to retrive data.

<?php echo rp_user_data_func(“first_name”,”2″); ?>

For date type fields one additional parameter dateformat can be passed to the shortcode with the desired date format. For example, [rp_user_data user_id=”2″ field=”dob” dateformat=”jS F, Y”] will output something like this 26th July, 2012 and for use in the template files use function call like this.

<?php echo rp_user_data_func(“dob”,”2″,”jS F, Y”); ?>

3. User Profile, use this [rp_profile_edit] shortcode for user profile page. Logged in usres can edit profile data from this page.

4. Update Password, use this [rp_update_password] shortcode to display Update Password form.

5. User Login, use this [rp_login_widget] shortcode to display User Login form.

6. Forgot Password, use this [rp_forgot_password] shortcode to display Reset Password form.

Click here for details

WP Support Ticket

Use this plugin to create your own user support system. Let customers of your site to generate a support ticket when ever they require assistance from you, and you will be able to solve their issues by posting replies to the tickets. The customers will get email notifications when ever you add a reply message to the ticket.

  • Registered users / Customers can create support tickets.
  • Customers can search tickets from the ticket list.
  • Admin can reply on support tickets from admin panel.
  • Files can be attached to the reply message. Supported files that can be uploaded are jpg, jpeg, png, gif, doc, docx, pdf, zip
  • Ticket can be marked as Open / Closed / Resolved from admin panel.

Usage Shortcodes

  • [create_support] to display cretate new suppor ticket form.
  • [ticket] to display tickets created by logged in user.
  • [ticket_search] to display ticket search form.

Click here for download

WP Register Profile With Shortcode

  • This is a simple registration form in the widget. The form is responsive.
  • just install the plugin and add the register widget in the sidebar.
  • Change some ‘optional’ settings in Settings-> WP Register Settings and you are good to go.

Other Optional Options

  • You can choose the redirect page after successfull registration. Maybe to a thankyou page.
  • Enable password fields so that users can choose there own passwords.
  • Enable some additional fields like first name, last name, display name, user url etc..

The Serbo-Croatian Language translation file is provided by Web Hosting Hub

Recent Tweet Widget AFO

  • This is a simple twitter feed widget.
  • just install the plugin and add the twitter feed widget in the sidebar.
  • add twitter credentials data in Settings-> Tweet Widget Settings and you are good to go.
  • Add css as you prefer because the feed display structure is really very simple.


  • This plugin supports twitter api v1.1 so no worries.


  • You need to create a new twitter app to get this plugin working.
  • Please log in to https://apps.twitter.com/ with your twitter account Username and Password. And click on the Create new app button.
  • A new window will open. Enter all the relevant data, and follow the instructions. Your new app will be created.
  • Now on the API Keys tab you will get all the data required for the plugin.
  • For Access Token and Access Token Secret
  • Click the Generate Access Token button and your access token and key will be created.
  • You need to enter all these data at the plugin’s settings page.