Login Widget With Shortcode WPML Usage Doc

Login Widget With Shortcode is a simple login form in the widget. This will allow users to login to the site from frontend. In this tutorial, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to use it in conjunction with WPML for multilingual sites.

What you will need

1. Login Widget With Shortcode plugin (version 5.5.7 or above)
2. A recent version of WPML (version 3.6.2 or above), including the String Translation and Translation Management add-on plugins

Essential resources

WPML’s Getting Started Guide helps you in setting up WPML in a few minutes. You will want to refer later to some of its subtopics, such as String Translation. We recommend that you keep this guide open while following this tutorial.

Translate Plugin Texts

WPML lets you easily translate your Widgets via the String Translation screen. This requires that the WPML String Translation module is installed. The module is available in the Multilingual CMS version