WP Register Profile PRO

This is a user Registration plugin, it can be used with either Widget or Shortcodes. just install the plugin and add the register widget in the sidebar. The form is responsive and mobile friendly. Shortcode lists are provided below for ease of use.

With Shortcode Support

1. Registration, use this [rp_register_widget] shortcode to display registration form in post or page.

Example: [rp_register_widget title=”User Registration”]

2. User Data, use This [rp_user_data field=”first_name” user_id=”2″] shortcode to retrieve user data. user_id can be blank. if blank then the data is retrieve from currently loged in user. Or else you can use this function in your template file to retrive data.

<?php echo rp_user_data_func(“first_name”,”2″); ?>

For date type fields one additional parameter dateformat can be passed to the shortcode with the desired date format. For example, [rp_user_data user_id=”2″ field=”dob” dateformat=”jS F, Y”] will output something like this 26th July, 2012 and for use in the template files use function call like this.

<?php echo rp_user_data_func(“dob”,”2″,”jS F, Y”); ?>

3. User Profile, use this [rp_profile_edit] shortcode for user profile page. Logged in usres can edit profile data from this page.

4. Update Password, use this [rp_update_password] shortcode to display Update Password form.

5. User Login, use this [rp_login_widget] shortcode to display User Login form.

6. Forgot Password, use this [rp_forgot_password] shortcode to display Reset Password form.

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